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Discover Vibrant Malekula With This Line-Up of Cultural Festivals

This year from May to August, Vanuatu’s second largest island, Malekula comes alive with an exciting festival line-up.

Malekula is known for its tribal groups, ancient cannibal sites, hiking and marine areas. This cultural extravaganza is perfect for adventure seekers who want to immerse themselves in Vanuatu’s vibrant culture and history. 


Collar the Dog, North Malekula

image credit – discovervanuatu.com.au

Collar the dog is the first dirt-bike event of its kind in Vanuatu, running from May 3-5, 10-12, and 17-19. The route circuits Malekula’s Northern ‘Dog’s Head’, where participants discover the raw beauty of the coastal wilderness and tropical bush. Additionally, visitors to North Malekula can explore ancient cannibal sites, sample local cuisine and kava and snorkel the beautiful coral reefs.


Maskelyne Canoe Race and Festival, South Malekula

image credit – vanuatuindependant.com

This annual canoe race running from July 28 – 29 offers two-day program of cultural dancing, canoe-making, kava tasting, local meals. To conclude the event, there is an exciting outrigger canoe race, finishing the night on a high with an ‘Island Night’ celebration.


Nalawan Festival, South West Bay, South Malekula, 02 August, 2017

image credit – allaboutvanuatu.com

Celebrating its 7th year, the Nalawan Festival is staged by the Labo and Lawa Villages on August 2nd. The festival is held to commemorate the first harvest of crops with bright traditional masks, dances and this year, a yacht race.


Lamap Art and Cultural Festival, Lamap, South Malekula, 11 to 12 August, 2017

image credit – malekulahikingtrail.blogspot.com

Celebrate the culture, traditions and unique way of life of the local Lamap community from August 11-12. This two-day art and cultural festival includes a pig exchange ceremony, dancing and stories as well as delicious food and evening entertainment by local bands and kava tastings.


Nalint Big Nambas Cultural Arts Festival, Mae Village, North Malekula, 25 August, 2017

image credit – traveladventures.org

Don’t miss out on the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness this annual cultural arts festival. The whole village takes part in this cultural revival ceremony, where you can learn about the Big Namba tribe history, culture, dancing, food preparation and weaving.


For more information on the festival line-up visit www.malampa.travel
For further information on travelling to Vanuatu visit www.vanuatu.travel

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Autumn Laklem
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