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PRODUCT REVIEW: Strike Puck Stand

Manufacturer and developer of innovative hands free technology Strike Group has released its highly-anticipated brand-new product: The Strike Puck Stand.

We put it to the test and this is how we found it.

Why you need it

These days we all have a mobile phone, so chances are you will require some sort of a stand or handle to sit it in when not using it. Enter the Strike Puck Stand, a smart device holder designed with convenience, cost, and performance in mind. Strike Puck Stand is perfect for use in any situation. The stand is the perfect accessory for phone users in their office, in their kitchen, on their bedside tables, at meetings, and even on planes.


Portable, light and minimalistic: The Strike Puck Stand’s silicon rubber material and weighted base grips your smartphone and tablet in 3 positions – slanted, titled, and upright. Once you slot your phone or tablet into the stand’s groove, you can work at ease while they listen to music, read their eBook, or watch their video handsfree. The stand is compatible with devices .5 inches thick or less.

Why you will love it

The Strike Puck Stand’s compact size and portability means you can take it anywhere you go. Lay your phone on the side and you can still plug in and charge. For those people who are forever searching for your phone, it is a convenient place to leave it and know where to find it always.

The Strike Puck Stand can be purchased on the Strike website www.strike.com.au/products/strike-tablet-and-phone-puck-stand.



Kate Webster
Kate Webster
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