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Japan Rail Network to Revolutionise Tourism Industry

Japan has now been heralded as one of the hottest destinations for rail travellers according to research by Rail Plus, with the majority of travellers hailing from Australia and New Zealand especially during the winter months and cherry blossom season.

As if Japan did not already have enough incentive to go there at least once in your lifetime with it’s amazing food, anime culture, friendly people, technology and natural beauty, they now have an incredible transport system that has become a drawing card for many overseas visitors. The rail system increases accessibility around the country, making it easier for tourists to maximise their time and take in more of the sights of the surrounding towns around the major cities. The rail system in Japan already has a reputation for being one of the world’s safest and most punctual, and with the efficiency provided by the network, there has continued to be a steady growth in visitor numbers.

Japan Rail Passes over many bonuses and savings which include free seat reservations, excellent on-board services and facilities, free use of certain bus lines, ferries and airport trains and free entry to many popular attractions which include Tokyo Tower, Mt Fuji and Himeji Castle. These perks are an added plus to an already outstanding transport service and combine all the makings of a great, memorable, easily executed holiday.

The lowest prices on offer for Japan Rail Passes are from Rail Plus which offers a 7 day consecutive pass starting from $178 for children under 11 and $355 for adults. Rail Plus is the leading international rail specialist in Australia, providing retail and wholesale travel companies with a quick and efficient booking system. This offers travellers an unrivalled range of train journeys, rail passes and point-to-point tickets across Europe, the UK, Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand at their fingertips. These great prices offered by Rail Plus, along with more and more affordable and frequent flights has resulted in a 10% increase in sales for this year with continual increase expected. Each pass must be obtained before entry into Japan and is valid for all non-Japanese residents.

For more information visit www.railplus.com.au

Autumn Laklem
Autumn Laklem
Autumn is fresh out of university with a passion for travel and music. Growing up in both Thailand and Australia she is always keen to try new things and experience new places and cultures. Her background in a country that is rich in culture and amazing food and scenery has fostered a desire to seek out local hotspots in any place she goes to in order to truly experience the local highlights of the area. Currently based on the Gold coast, she is enjoying time with family whilst seeking out new adventures and opportunities.

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