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Together for the Responsible Tourism in Brazil

Six Brazilian tourism companies decided to join forces to support responsible tourism in Brazil, betting in the power of collaboration and association. Together, Estação Gabiraba, Inverted America Travel, Uakari Lodge, Tropical Tree Climbing, Turismo Consciente and Vivejar have just launched MUDA! (“Change” in Portuguese) - Brazilian Collective for Responsible Tourism, with

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The top 15 record-breaking attractions of Latin America

The world’s tallest waterfall, driest desert, longest mountain range and biggest carnival are all found in Latin America, with the spectacular natural and cultural marvels drawing increasing numbers of tourists to the continent each year. As Australia’s first and  longest-running tour operator for Latin America, Contours Travel has released a list

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Chile is hotter than you think

The Tourism Authority of Chile recently released research showing that tourism is steadily increasing in Chile, especially with visitors from Australia. Chile is a country filled with adventure, natural beauty, great food and wine, an exciting culture, with so much variety and diverse landscapes as well as warmth and hospitality shown

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