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Discover Vibrant Malekula With This Line-Up of Cultural Festivals

This year from May to August, Vanuatu’s second largest island, Malekula comes alive with an exciting festival line-up.Malekula is known for its tribal groups, ancient cannibal sites, hiking and marine areas. This cultural extravaganza is perfect for adventure seekers who want to immerse themselves in Vanuatu’s vibrant culture and history.   Collar the

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Chile is hotter than you think

The Tourism Authority of Chile recently released research showing that tourism is steadily increasing in Chile, especially with visitors from Australia.Chile is a country filled with adventure, natural beauty, great food and wine, an exciting culture, with so much variety and diverse landscapes as well as warmth and hospitality shown

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Japan Rail Network to Revolutionise Tourism Industry

Japan has now been heralded as one of the hottest destinations for rail travellers according to research by Rail Plus, with the majority of travellers hailing from Australia and New Zealand especially during the winter months and cherry blossom season.As if Japan did not already have enough incentive to go

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