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A win for Rhinos Without Borders

Rhinos Without Borders is proud to announce the successful translocation and release of another 40 rhinos from South Africa to Botswana.CEO of Great Plains Conservation, Dereck Joubert, said that collaboration is the new watchword for in conservation.“I am sure this latest move breaks some kind of record but in truth

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Adventure World, TreadRight And Happy Hearts Fund Partner For Change

Adventure World has recently completed it’s latest project for 2017, partnering with not-for-profit organisations TreadRight and Happy Hearts Fund to rebuild a school in Nepal that was damaged by an earthquake in 2015.The project has provided 350 students with the opportunity to resume their studies in a safe and resilient

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Rhinos Without Borders working with key travel industry players

While most people understand the saying ‘take only photographs, leave only footprints’, there are still an evil minority who are taking more than that from a part of the globe’s most unique destinations.Rhino poaching remains a daily battle across the continent of Africa, however key industry players in Africa are

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