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Whales and yoga in Tonga

There is a new Whale Swim and Yoga Retreat Holiday in Tonga, and you can save $600 per couple if you book by December 15, 2017.Swimming with wild whales in the languid lagoons of Tonga is a mystical, magical experience but Australian eco-tour operator, Majestic Whale Encounters, will add even more

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Top 10 reasons to visit Patagonia & Antarctica

With so many global destinations overflowing with tourists and high price-tags, there are precious places at the very bottom of the world that remain awe-inspiringly undisturbed as nature crated them.Patagonia and Antarctica are two of the last thresholds in the travel world to be explored and to mark the release

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Kenya is the ultimate safari destination

Kenya is the land of African superlatives. From the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, to flamingo ringed soda lakes and the Indian Ocean coast, rolling savannah, vibrant tribes, shimmering desert and big-game wildlife, it simply has no match.This is where the concept of the safari was born, and Kenyan safaris

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